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Off-balance-sheet entities can be created for several reasons, such as when a company needs to finance a business venture but doesn't want to take on the risk, or when there is too much debt to get a loan. By starting a new SPE, they can secure a loan through the new entity. There are situations where it makes sense to start an SPE. Off-Balance Sheet Instrument. A contract which is mainly based on a notional principal amount and represents a contingent liability on an institution. It is used to change the risk structure of an entity without being shown among balance sheet items (assets and liabilities). Oct 25, 2018 · A smaller business with an owner draw account works similar to the shareholder entries. Any final cash results in a debit to owner draws and a credit to cash for the final balance. In a partnership, any remaining funds or assets are distributed based on each member's capital account, assuming there's a positive capital balance.