SAFETY DATA SHEET MOLYKOTE(R) BR-2 PLUS HIGH PERFORMANCE GREASE Version 5.2 Revision Date: 03/18/2017 SDS Number: 826025-00009 Date of last issue: 09/28/2016 Date of first issue: 11/25/2014 4 / 25 determine which regulations are applicable. Sections 13 and 15 of this SDS provide information regarding certain local or national requirements. MOLYKOTE(R) 1000 PASTE ... Copper 7440-50-8 231-159-6 - 7.8 N R50 ... Refer to technical data sheet available on request. 8. EXPOSURE CONTROLS / PERSONAL PROTECTION

*++,-./01’2,’34156*2/,0’7$89’:,;’<=>[email protected]>>b’!"#$%"&’()*+,-./012+3#-4’ c4-d/,0’’ a;>’ 34e/d/,0’(*24f’’ <=;>b;a><g’ h!(!’:5ij4-f ... information. The material safety data sheet is available on the Dow Corning website at You can also obtain a copy from your local Dow Corning sales representative or Distributor or by calling your local Dow Corning Global Connection. USABLE LIFE AND STORAGE Molykote® Cu-7439 has a shelf life of 60 months when kept in its ... DOW CORNING CORPORATION Material Safety Data Sheet Page: 6 of 7 Version: 2.0 Revision Date: 2013/02/21 MOLYKOTE(R) 111 COMPOUND Studies to date have not demonstrated if these effects occur through pathways that are relevant to humans.