The study of atmospheric sciences at the University of Arizona. Content includes atmospheric physics, meteorology, climatology, environment and changes in the geosphere and biosphere. Eller College was saddened to lose its head of the Department of Accounting, Professor Dan Dhaliwal, in 2016. But his influence lives on among everyone whose lives he touched through shared scholarship, research, mentorship, collaboration and stories shared. UA SOUTH. Discover the University of Arizona South, designed to provide a quality learner-centered environment for professional and liberal arts education. Using diverse learning styles and accommodations for specific student needs, the faculty facilitates a disciplined inquiry into relative issues and a sense of service to the greater community.

The University of Arizona BookStores (UA Bookstore or UA BookStores) is a self-financed auxiliary unit within The University of Arizona Division of Student Affairs, meaning the BookStores operates without the aid of monies from state tax, student tuition, or any other campus subsidies.