Fondant Paper can be used on all kind of frostings except whipped cream and buttercream due to its high content of sugar. We recommend covering the cake with marzipan or Kopyform's Arctic White® rolled fondant before you add the printed Fondant Paper. Moisten the cake frosting slightly before adding the Fondant Paper to keep it in place. Rolled fondant is the traditional fondant used to roll out and cover cakes smoothly. It has to be kneaded like dough and has to be covered during use to prevent drying out. Quick-pour fondant is made over the stove and poured over cakes and petit fours to dry and harden, making a satin-smooth finishing possible over baked goods.

Our answer. When colouring ready to roll fondant icing it is best to try and use the gel or paste form of colours rather than liquid forms. The paste colours are very strong and you should not need to add too much to get a fairly vibrant colour if you are using plain white fondant. Nov 11, 2010 · help!! is fondant the same as ready rolled icing? I'm making my girls joint birthday cake for sunday and it says to use fondant for the decorating bits. is this the same as ready rolled icing that i've bought or does anyone know where i can buy some fondant please? i'm in chesterfield near sheffield. Continue kneading the fondant into the powder sugar until all of the powder sugar is incorporated into the fondant. Once you have the consistency of a hard ball, wrap the fondant in a plastic wrap and let sit for at least 8 hours. When you are ready to use the rolled fondant, make sure you knead it again on a powder sugar dusted surface.