Whitesmith's Weapon Refine - This is a skill from the Whitesmith class. It adds an extra +0.5% to the refine chance for every job level past 50. At Job 70 this results in a bonus of 10%. Only for weapons +9 and below. In Shining Moon, Mechanics of any Job level have the full +10% refining bonus (regardless of your Whitesmith's job level). May 13, 2012 · Page 1 of 2 - MasterSmith Upgrade Weapon question. - posted in Merchant Class: Hey all I was just wondering if the Upgrade Weapon skill of the MasterSmiths gets any bonus's from anything but Job Level? Like Dex/Luk/Int like normal forging. Also have they corrected this skill to work properly when your a Mechanic?

**as u can see enemy’s weapon is easier to damage compare to armor and don worry about the cast time… it is almost instant…..^^” Weapon Refine Requirement: Weapon Research lv10-chacacters will be able to refine weapon this skill is only affected by job lv & not be affected on dex & luk attribute this skill consume 30 sp Sep 28, 2009 · There have been lots of talk off the record about refining. I have been told Luk+dex is the key to refining.. i have been told all you need is 120 job lvl.. ya okay bullshit.. in order to make +9 or 10 valk.. what is that secret? or how do i refine weapons.. basically my question is; Should i make a legit 255 whitesmith for refining or buy a max stats one.?