OTC Markets (former Pink Sheets) Level1+ and Level2+ ... Real-time BBO and Level 2 quotes. OTC Link® ATS complete quote data for OTCQX, OTCQB and OTC Pink securities ... Pink Sheets is an electronic quotation system for a number of over the counter (OTC) securities. The name is derived from the color of the paper on which the quotes were originally printed. The Pink Sheets of today are published on the internet and the bulk of those listings are the so-called penny stocks.

The provider of the Pink Sheet market completes a busy first quarter by launching new products and integrating the latest additions to its corporate family ... provide an important first glimpse of the differences between the Pink Sheets and the national markets, our access to a full year of intraday trade and quote data for all Pink Sheets stocks allow us to examine the microstructure of the Pink Sheets in richer detail. The Pink Sheets market is characterized by a number of unorthodox features.