Hey guys, since im finally done with school i thought it was a good time to revist the 8th edition guides starting with Datasheets as honestly before you can understand any of the other rules you really should understand datasheets. This blog will cover the basics of datasheets, what the stats mean ... Imperial Vault RPG Warrior Sheet - pdf - This character sheet has space for all the sections Warhammer Quest Character Sheet by LuigiX from the Adventure Record Sheet supplied in the Roleplay Book, as well as separate Equipment/Weapons/Armour boxes, separate Faith/Power boxes and an area to add notes.

Ork Line Unit Roster. ... but more than make up for it with volume of fire and sheer damage output. ... Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000, 40,000, the ... To date they are probably 95%+ complete for ALL published books in the 40k RPG line, see the library status page for more information. The Library. Every gamebook in the 40k RPG universe is listed in the library, with a complete table of contents, full size front and back cover images, listings of the creatures it contains, and more.