Oct 21, 2016 · Me, I start hounding my kids for costume ideas over the summer. I love DIY costumes; having them take forever to make, not so much. Hence I was thrilled this past August when Essie announced she'd be a ghost for Halloween. How hard can it be to make a ghost costume? Then Kimmie decided she'd be a ghost, too. Bonus! Make a ghost costume times two.

Oct 26, 2007 · Want to turn a sheet into a ghost costume? Learn how to keep on a ghost Halloween costume in this free video clip about easy Halloween costumes. Expert: Matt Cail Contact: www.horrorcomicstrip.com ... Enchanted Ghost Costume . Do you want to look absolutely spook-tacular this Halloween? This enchanting ghost costume is the way to go! Tie a white or black scarf around your neck (on top of the sheet) to keep your costume in place. You can also wear white gloves to give a finishing touch to your costume. IMPORTANT: remember to wear white or very pale colored clothes under your halloween ghost costume.