=avg(${intelligence},${dexterity}) 3.5. step 7: Use character sheet in Rolisteam Open/load character sheet. When you save character sheet with RCSE, you get a .rcs file. This file must be loaded in Rolisteam (File > Open > Character Sheet or CTRL+U). A new window opens and you see a data tab (picture). It is the same that the characters tab in ... Game Resources RESOURCES We have a variety of free downloadable material available here, from purely factual resources like the FAQ and Errata to useful tidbits like the Character Record Sheets to downloadable images to full adventures.

Level is 5 and there is in the damage table a 5 which i think is that one and a 3.LOGIC. Character sheet also available for download at www.Combat Modifiers: 1. 1 on 1 Adventure Gamebook 5 Yala and Alay Character Sheet 1 on 1 Adventure. 1 on 1 Adventure Gamebooks 3 Flametongue Character Sheet back18 Jan 2009. 5: dnd4es Fillable PDF Character Sheet.