Oct 28, 2016 · This June, a solitary Canada lynx was photographed outside a rural home in Londonderry, Vermont, marking the first confirmed evidence of lynx in Vermont outside the Northeast Kingdom in decades. Just recently, a second photograph emerged that biologists suspect is also a lynx in the nearby town of Searsbury, Vermont. Canadian Lynx The Canada Lynx is a medium-sized feline known for its ability to stealthily roam the northern Minnesota woods. Their bodies vary in color from shades of brown to beige with dark spots. There are four species of lynx in the world, with two living in Minnesota: the Canada Lynx and the Bobcat.

Others migrate to new areas looking for food. During these years of low numbers of hares, lynx sometimes move from Canada to Wisconsin via Minnesota. They seem to like wooded areas and it is rare to find them in prairie or farmland habitat. The lynx. Lynx have never been common in Wisconsin.