If you're looking for a fitted sheet only, that's no problem. We offer fitted bottom sheets sold separately for just about every bed size on the market. We offer king, queen, twin, extra deep, extra long and more fitted sheets. Someone on Twitter came up with a way to NEVER fold a fitted sheet again. Instead of keeping your spare sheets folded in a closet, just put ALL your fitted sheets on your bed at once. Then remove the top one when it’s dirty, and start using the one underneath it.

Making your bed just got easy. Everything you know about a fitted sheet is about to change! The fitted sheet has been reinvented. Yes, it may look different but once you use our QuickZip Fitted Sheets you will wonder how you did without them for so long. Think of these reinvented, fitted sheets like a regular fitted sheet. Rough Linen promotes non fitted bottom sheets which are a complete non-starter for me. In hotels that use flat bottom sheets I always need to remake the bed. Hate, hate, hate! as Larsi would say. Why I went with Linoto -- plus his linen is gorgeous and the fitted sheet is beautifully made and incredibly sturdy.